What is PR?

What is PR?  

First things first, what on earth is public relations? 

It’s a reasonable question about a service that quite frankly many people misunderstand.  

Put simply, PR is the practice of managing communication between a business or organization and the public. It's the process of finding the best ways to let people know about the work you do -- and the effort to get you as much coverage in the media as possible.

If you’ve done the hard work creating something worthwhile -- whether it's a service, product, event or any other remarkable thing you’ve dreamed up to offer the world -- public relations is the best way to get your efforts noticed by people who will care about it. 

When done well, public relations work is putting in the time to learn your story and then expressing that in a compelling way. This can help you find a larger audience -- and can increase the impact of your work by leaps and bounds.  

PR is a service that has always been important, but in a digital age where millions are competing for global attention within any given market, we believe it's more significant than ever. 

An effective PR firm gives you a partner you can trust when rallying others to your cause and promoting your work. 

A good public relations company will take the time to understand you and your industry, as well as your audience and its interests. 

As the current landscape gets more and more crowded, making it increasingly difficult to separate from the herd, having specialists in your corner can be a huge boost.  

You do your work, let someone else handle the complicated process of getting the word out to the masses. That’s public relations.