We provide a variety of public relations, marketing and consulting services to emerging and established artists, non-profit organizations, small businesses and other worthy causes.


Think of public relations as a liaison between you and the public, using the media as the conduit. Public relations is a field devoted to spreading the word through the use of press releases, social media and other tools of the trade. We generate stories and ideas for local and national media.


Small businesses and artists dedicate a great deal of time to their work, yet often their online presence consists of a traditional template-based website. We will work with you create a site that reflects you or your business and showcases your products in a unique and meaningful way.


We specialize in curating, consulting artists, selling artwork and art-matchmaking. 

Artists make art with hopes of selling it. Sometimes they need some help along the way. Cadence represents a group of select artists (through both exclusive and non-exclusive arrangements) – providing marketing, public relations, exhibition and event services.

Hanging a show or placing a few pieces in your office or home? Cadence offers assistance with each.

There are a lot of lonely paintings out there, shoved in closets or the backs of studios, just waiting for a new home. If you have room in your heart and on your walls, but don't know where to begin looking for a piece of unique art that suits your personal tastes, Cadence can make the proper introductions to great pieces of art. Call us for a private tour of studios and galleries.

Cadence manages art sales at events for the artists we represent. We can also help galleries, curators, artists and museums promote and plan events.  

Artists often need to talk about their career paths and brainstorm their next steps. We can help you market yourself and your art. There are several ways we can help from building your online presence and creating your website to finding the best way to present your art and write your marketing materials.


Artists, small businesses and nonprofits have a lot of writing to do - mission statements, bios, web site content, media releases, social media posts and more. Even if you enjoy writing, it can be difficult to write about yourself or your company. Cadence can put a little pizazz in writing your promotional pieces while still adhering to proper journalistic principles.


Cadence coordinates a number of shows and special events each year. In order to promote artists and small businesses, there must be opportunities for sales and networking. If you need help planning your next event or art show, give us a call.


Keeping track of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube can be daunting and time consuming. Cadence can help set-up accounts and even ghost-blog.